Direct to Consumer Social Media Advertising

What is Direct to Consumer Social Media Advertising?


In today’s era, more than 5 billion people actively use social media, which makes social media a primary social to reach out to a large population of direct to consumers also know as the D2C audience. If you are into the D2C industry, Paid social media advertising is a great way to improve your brand awareness and increase your consumer base. With the advancement in the technicalities of the social media algorithms, it has become more important to capitalize on the different digital marketing strategies along with the SEO.


Advantages of direct to consumer social media advertising for D2C brands


  • You can create personalized ads to target your audiences for your eCommerce business.


  • You can avoid unnecessary expenses on social Ads and impressions with broad targeting


  • You can directly target your audience to using your email list, and the list of past customers,              and referrals of past customers.


  • With direct to consumer social media advertising, you can enhance your brand awareness as            social media users share your ads


  • With direct to consumer social media advertising, you can generate new leads and drive sales

What do we offer in our direct to consumer social media advertising?


  • At Tomaque design labs, we provide you a dedicated social media account                        manager to solve all your queries at any point of time.


  • Our experts will perform a comprehensive social ad account audit and provide you        with detailed reports.


  • Our team will create a custom strategy and provide you recommendations that              would best suit your business needs and requirements.


  • We will provide you with creative social ads to drive sales and engage the audience.


  • We will completely look after your ongoing marketing campaigns and optimize               them to achieve your objectives.


  • We will provide in-depth reporting for each and every campaign we run and the              results we get from them.