Ebooks and Whitepaper Development Services

According to a survey, 65% of marketers consider using ebooks as their most preferred strategy for content marketing. The benefit of using ebook services is that they can enrich your existing content with data-rich features that have the ability to keep users engaged for the maximum time and increase their chances of converting to brand loyals.

It also improves your company's credibility in the eyes of the audience. If you are still not using ebooks services for your inbound marketing efforts then you are probably missing out on a great opportunity of grabbing your audience.

Why Should You Invest in Ebook and Whitepaper Development Services?


It’s important that you provide content that can be useful for a diverse group of people and it appeals to different stages of the buyer's journey. While preparing your content you should also keep in mind about the persona of the user. If you are still not sure of including ebook and whitepaper services for your marketing efforts you should consider these facts:


  • According to a survey, 64% of the audiences are willing to provide their email                 address to download the ebook or white paper.


  • In a survey of marketers, 58% of them said that written original content performs         better than even infographics and videos. 


  • Almost 87% of the B2B businesses struggle to provide users with content that                would convert them into buyers. 

What Can You Expect from Tomaque’s Ebook And Whitepaper Writing Service?


  • Quality Lead Generation


If you are providing your audience with quality content in the form of ebooks and whitepaper then it is likely that the visitor will complete a form and sign up to your website. This information can be considered as a potential lead. 


  • Greater brand authority.


When prospects start gaining knowledge from your sources then your brand becomes a trusted name in the industry. When you include ebooks and white papers in the website content, it showcases your knowledge and experience in the industry and hence increases the number of prospects who get converted into your customers.


  • Quality content, quality strategy. 


Our experts are capable of tailoring each ebook according to your current marketing strategy that would deliver your brand’s message in the most engaging form . All the content produced is reviewed by our experts in order to ensure the best quality of content for your website.