Mobile Advertising

What is Mobile Advertising?


Mobile advertising services can help to target and convert high-quality leads into loyal customers. Mobile internet usage surpassed desktop internet usage way back in 2016 and continues to rise more, therefore it becomes vital that your advertising efforts adapt in line. Since Google is hitting hard on websites that are not mobile responsive therefore it has become a must to adopt a mobile-first strategy in every area of marketing.

Why you should invest in Mobile Advertising?


Mobile advertising allows you to target your audience, at any instant and not just when they are sitting in front of a desktop or laptop. Moreover, the excellent conversion rate makes it a highly profitable tool for marketing campaigns. Mobile advertisements have a promising future, but they also possess several challenges to marketers and businesses. They require a level of technical expertise that is beyond most digital advertisers to ensure that the campaign runs easily on iOS and Android.

Why choose Tomaque for your Mobile Advertising services?


Our mobile advertisement services are tailored to the unique needs of every customer we work with. Unlike other agencies, we don’t follow the cookie-cutter strategy. Rather, we customize our strategies depending on the requirements of your particular business objectives. Regardless of whether you’re new to mobile ads or have existing live campaigns, our mobile advertisement services can help you. Working with a mobile advertising agency can remove the pressure and bother from campaign planning and execution. Our expert group of digital marketers will take off even the minute details and give you room to look at the other aspects of the business.


  • Initial Planning & Set-Up

 We deal with strategic planning, demographic analysis, keyword research, and creating your advertisers’ account(s).


  • campaign Development 

Our display advertising services include creating advertisement copies and planning designs to expand click-throughs and conversions.


  • Optimization 

We handle all the specialized elements needed to optimize your Ads including boosting quality score, embeddings tracking code, and on-setting up objectives.


  • Auditing 

We will review any existing display ad campaigns and suggest improvements based on the latest best-strategies to be followed and research findings. 


  • Evaluation

As part of our ongoing management, we’ll analyze campaign performance and recommend changes to improve it to achieve the desired objective of our campaigns. As a results-orientated mobile advertising company, we put ROI at the center of every digital strategy. We focus on developing mobile campaigns that are aligned with your business goals and drive profitable results.