SEO Audit

What is SEO Audit?


During an SEO Audit, our team takes a deep dive into your site. We take a look at all of the SEO ranking factors that decide how well your site shows up in search results when customers are searching for your products or services. The better your SEO, the more organic traffic you’ll get. Our SEO audits let you know precisely what you have to do to improve your SEO with the goal that you can generate more traffic. 

What Makes Our SEO Audits So Special? 


Quite simply, we perform a genuine audit. Most SEO “audits” are simply reports created via computerized tools and handed to you, making you believe that someone actually put some time and effort into auditing your site when they most probably did not.  is in your review report you can be certain that it was assessed by a human. 

Our audits are extremely thorough and cover several diverse SEO factors. You can see a sample of the list of things we search for in a SEO review here. 

What Does an SEO Audit Include? 


We start and end each SEO audit engagement with a call. We want to ensure that you understand all our requirements and that you have the chance to clear all your doubts and queries. Here is our typical Audit process:

  • Introduction Call

This is the place we become more acquainted with one another, discover what your SEO needs are and if you have some particluar needs that you want to address.

  • Performing out the Audit

This is where we do the work of actually auditing your site.

  • Delivery 

We’ll send you the SEO audit report and all the required data and information to support our findings.

  • Wrap-Up Call 

We review the audit findings together and gives you a chance to ask any additional questions. We typically talk about things like ongoing SEO strategies, content marketing, and so forth. 

Are you planning to get an SEO health check for your website? If so, contact us  today at [email protected] to get one scheduled.