Telegram messenger for business

What is Telegram Messenger?

Telegram messenger is much more than an average messaging application. Telegram is a cloud-based application that takes instant messaging and private communication to the next level. It has more than 100 million monthly active users. It can be thought of as a mixture of text messaging with the power of email. As a cross-platform messaging application telegram combines the features of WhatsApp and Snapchat while also having the potential benefits of Facebook marketing.


Let’s take a look at some of the key features of telegram messenger:


  • Platforms

Telegram can be used on almost every platform including mobile and desktop. No matter what device you are using, telegrams can be used on any device. Telegram allows users to send text messages as well as share media and documents.

  • Power

Apart from sending any type of file, telegram is focussed on speed. Messages are sent throughout the channels without any problem. This feature seems to be a useful one when you have to send messages to a large group of people.

  • Groups

It allows sending information or sharing something in a group of 200 to 5000 people at one go. This large number is extremely useful for businesses when they want to broadcast a message to a large number of people.

  • Secret Chat

Snapchat provides you the feature to create a secret chat with a two-click process. This feature is extremely helpful for high end to end encryption for secure messaging. It is claimed that no one else can access those messages apart from the sender and the receiver.e.

  • Self-Destruct

Telegram allows users to send messages with time destruct feature. This feature enables the messages to be deleted automatically once the time frame is reached. This feature is extremely appealing for businesses for sending time-sensitive and object-oriented messages that should be deleted after their due course of time.

  • Security

Telegram messenger uses a double layer encryption system for providing security. In cloud chats, server-client encryption is used whereas in the secret chats ana additional client layer is also used.

Telegram is so confident about the security features that they offer a reward of $300, 000 to anyone who would hack into their system.

 Why businesses should use telegram?


  • Cost-effective

Regardless of what number of messages you send a day, it will cost you nothing. There are no restrictions and it’s tremendous. Apart from that content, picture, video and sound organizations are accessible here. This implies your creative mind isn’t limited with any limits and your advertising plan may incorporate those content you believe are the most proper to advance your organization, regardless of whether it’s a melody, video introduction, or a logo-picture. 

  • Group segmentation

If You work (and you most likely do) with a various group of things or clients, group segmentation permits you to spare time on mail outs. No compelling reason to pick clients physically, no compelling reason to compose long messages with notes “just for premium clients” or something. Sort possibilities as indicated by their inclinations, age, locales or pay level and Telegram administration will send messages to a specific group without delays. 

  • user engagement

Encourage users to take part in your brand promotion. You can request them to take selfies in your bistro, close to your shop or with your products, post photographs on interpersonal organizations and send them back to you for a prize. It’s practically free promoting, that works simply like the radio. Clients like such campaigns since they’re fun, simple to do and they get a prize at long last. However, before beginning your special activity consider who your intended interest group and clients are. 

  • 24/7 customer support

Clients, particularly present-day ones, prefer more to text rather than to make calls. It requires less time and all required data is stored in the history, so a client doesn’t have to telephone again and overlook something. Having this data, the administrator doesn’t need to pose similar inquiries, which improves the individual way to deal with every customer. 

  • Marketing

If you use telegram for marketing you won’t have to pay for banners, no need to spend thousands of dollars on broadcast time on TV to inform customers of a discount or new goods in your shop. You should simply send one message to every one of your clients with a single tick and for nothing. Telegram is the fastest and the most limited approach to reach your customers in any place they are. 

  • Security

How Secure is Telegram? Security is something the Telegram group is proud of. They guarantee that it is extremely unlikely to break it. Also, they even test individuals to do it. Telegram offers $300,000 to any individual who can hack into their system. However, nobody has succeeded. That implies that you can be certain that the private data which your representatives use is secured and won’t be accessed by any third party. 

  • Availability

Presently, Telegram covers practically completely known stages, which means that you can discover Telegram for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone, an online form and even work area applications for Windows, macOS and Linux. 


 How Can You Use Telegram for Your Business?


As a business owner, you should not miss out on a platform that has 100 million active users. The main advantage that telegram offers for businesses in the area of communication with clients, team members, and internal conversation, etc. As opposed to traditional social media and even some text messaging used to market to multiple recipients, Telegram creates a direct two-way exchange with your recipients.

  • Business to Customer

Telegram offers you the feature of making your conversation with the customer more personalized. You can send regular and timely messages to your clients thereby establishing a good relationship with your client which in turn would enhance your brand presence and brand image.

  • Business to Business

The security features offered by telegram messenger make it suitable for businesses to interact with their partners, dealers, etc regarding their business-related issues. The platform is easy to use and the enhanced security feature is an added advantage.

  • Bots

Telegram also offers another feature of automation. With the help of bots, you are able to systemize your process and also allow the bot to do certain predefined tasks for you.

How to use Telegram for marketing your business?


Telegram marketing can be a useful strategy to advertise your business. as you have a great many dynamic Telegram clients around the world. Telegram marketing is done in various manners. Here are five fundamental strategies to promote and advertise on Telegram so you can do the most ideal advertisements for your business. 


  •  Content Promotion for Telegram Marketing 

The quality of content on a channel is a principal point that draws in the attention of the individuals. Thus, useful content decides if they remain on your channel or not. The more you build up your channel, the more potential customer you will get. 

  •  Content sharing for Telegram marketing

After creating great content to promote your business, it is completely important to share it around the web. We prescribe to share the substance on different channels or your other web-based life, for instance, Instagram, Twitter, and your site. 

  •  Promote your Telegram channel on Forums 

Some current forums like Quora and Reddit make it feasible for various organizations and clients to convey and promote. 

  • Telegram View Advertising 

One of the most significant and best techniques for Telegram marketing and advertising is view e ads since Telegram essentially depends on the number of views. 

  •  Telegram marketing based on clicks

The other method of Telegram advertising is advertising based on clicks. You need Telegram marketing tools to implement this promoting strategy. The strategy for click-through marketing on Telegram is that you pay for your advertisements on channels that are relevant to your business and pay just for each click on your advertisements. 

  • Consistent and hourly advertisements on major Telegram channels

By incorporating this method you will pay for the Telegram channels or any framework that runs your Telegram advertisements, and your promotions will be distributed on various stations for 1 or 2 hours. In case you’re anticipating doing a 12-hour advertisement, be sure to pick what time of a day to communicate. Since you can pick between doing it during the day and around evening time. 

  • Influencer Marketing

This is one of the most well known and compelling Telegram advertising strategies on the planet. It follows a traditional standard of marketing. 

A large number of people follow these individuals and numerous customers get pulled in to them and the promotions they distribute. What could be compared to these influencer advertisements is promoting or influencer showcasing. This is a supernatural occurrence for your marketing and business. You can discover compelling individuals in your field of business and give them your promotions. 

  • Use Telegram advertising tools to enhance your views and member

This strategy can’t be directly considered as a promotional method because expanding your channel individuals doesn’t commonly mean increasing your sales. But if you set up a channel for your business and produce significant, innovative and instructive content for your channel, expanding the number of channel individuals will help a great deal in selling and views on your channel. 

How to set up Telegram for business?


   Telegram channel for business 

Telegram channel is your business channel – where you can post news, data, photographs, recordings, and much more.  Telegram is fundamentally the same as a business page on Facebook. It doesn’t need to be for business, yet it suits business, due to its character. 

You can make an open or private Telegram channel. When every public channel has its own link with the goal that this connection can be shared on your site and informal organizations, anybody can join your business telegram channel by means of this connection or via scanning for the direct name in the application. You can even make a private channel, yet you can not scan for it, and you can just go along with it with a unique connection link. 

Another useful thing, you can get to the Telegram by using your PC. Whatsapp also permits this, yet in Telegram, all conversations are in a secured cloud and you can exchange conversations without having your smartphone connected. 


Set up a Telegram channel for a business 


To define a telegram channel for the business you need to first create a channel. You can create a telegram channel by using your telephone application using the following steps. Enter the application and click the menu in the upper left, and then click “New Channel”. 


  • Channel name 

Now you have to give the name of your channel, remember that the channel name is the name your clients will see, so utilize a short name and an interesting one. 

  • Profile picture 

Utilize a great profile photograph that incorporates your logo. You have to utilize an image as a square, similar to the Facebook page profile picture. 

  • Channel description

Here you need to compose a book about your channel, what it is intended for, what will be distributed there. The channel depiction will show up on your channel. 

  • Channel type 

Pick whether you need to make an open channel or a private channel. Anybody can scan for an open TV station and go along with it. To join a private channel, you should have a greeting join. 

  • Link

If you are creating an open or public channel, make a one of a kind connection to your channel, you can utilize this link to distribute the connection on different websites. The link will be as, where username is your username. 

If you decide that the channel will be a private channel, at that point you will get a unique link that can be shared so users can join you.  Congratulations! your channel is created now.

  • Edit Settings 

If you plan to change your channel description or roll out additional changes, you can do as such by signing in to your channel, then click the name of your channel, and then click the gear and then click “Channel Info.” Here you can edit all your data: name, photograph, portrayal, channel type, connection and more. 

In this section, you will likewise discover the option called “Sign Messages”. If you choose to activate this option, each time you publish on your channel, your name will show up, not the name of the business page. By default, this option is turned off so that once you publish a post, the channel logo and channel name will show up.

          How to integrate Telegram messenger on your WordPress website?


  • Step1: Go to your WordPress dashboard

telegram messenger for business



  • Step 2: Go to plugins and select the “Add new” option.

Telegram messenger for business1

  • Step 3: In the search option on the right side search for “Telegram for WP”.

Telegram messenger for businesss 3

  • Step 4 : Click on install and then activate option.

Telegram messenger for businesss 4

  • Step 5 : Now you will see the “TWP Setting” option on the Dashboard

Telegram messenger for businesss 5

  • Step 6: Click on the @Notifcaster_Bot link. It will open the telegram window.                           You should have received a code from notifcaster.

Telegram messenger for businesss 6

  • Step 7 : Copy the code that you have received into API Token

Telegram messenger for businesss 7

  • Step 8: Now click on save changes


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