App Install Campaign (Safest &Fastest path to 300k new Installations)

App Install Campaign by Tomaque is a User Acquisition strategy and implementation services for Google Play Store and Apple iOS app Store.

We help our clients to get more installation and enagement on their Mobile and TV application via App Store Optimisation Services,  Native Advertising, Content Marketing, App Install Campaigns through Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube Etc  and throgh Display ads via pay per install services.

We perform legit buzz strategy  for your app to get 300k + new installations in a month.

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App Install Campaign

App Install Campaigns are widely used to get the maximum installations done of your app in strategic timeline.  User Acquisition strategies are employed to get the app installation done with multiple methods like

  1. App Store Optimization
  2. Influencer Marketing
  3. Native Advertising
  4. Pay Per Install Campaigns via Search and Content Platforms
  5. Paid Display ads on Social Media Like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Youtube

First, we need to know what an app install campaign is. We need to understand how it works, and then we need to learn how to do it. To get started, you’ll need to set up some goals and metrics. You’ll want to measure the success of each campaign based on the number of installs and revenue generated. Then, you’ll want to figure out whether or not you should run another campaign.

What Is an App Install Campaign?

Let’s start with some basic concepts. User acquisition (UA) campaigns are focused on driving a large number of downloads in a short time. These campaigns not only generate installs but also contribute to organic downloads too.

More installs means your app ranks better in app stores. If this happens, your app will be seen by more people. Organic Growth translates to the organic traffic and increased downloads influenced by paid campaigns.


How App Install Campaign Works?

First we need to define or Identify the number of Installs that we need and at what budget.

We usually use Cost Per Install methods in determining the cost  of installation based on historical data and trends, Various platforms provide different cost per install counts and timelines for similar budget.

Your CPI usually depends upon competion, platform, quality of content or promotion or offer, category and location. 

Usually Target number Of Installs/Downloads (TNOD)  is multiplied by tentative or negotiated cost per  Installs (CPI) to get the Total Budget 

So TNOD X CPI = Total Budget 

Our consultancy and services fees is over and above , but this helps in understanding of tentative costs, timelines and results and allows you to understand the ROAS ( Return on Ad Spend)

During our Consultancy and App Install Strategy Service, We dedidcately invest our experiences and time to  identify the best platforms for getting your positive ROAS at all times and at what time and at what cost you will start to see positive returns

We are proud on our measurement and analytics capabilities to attribute what is getting you what kind of returns. We already have trends and historical data to help you save experimentation cost but optimisation requires not just experience but reading the insights about the data flow and thats whats makes us better than our competitions

We usually perform a 360 degree full services App Install Campaign during our service contract we ensure the quality, quantity and frequency of your ad impression and installations is in sync with target audience at all times.

app install campaign

15 Step Stratgies For Top Notch Creatives for App Installations

1. Make your app stand out by being bold and unique.

2. Keep the user in mind while creating your ads.

3. Consider your audience before designing an ad.

4. Create a strong CTA, try Out Different CTA’s To See Which One Has The Most Impact

5. Be consistent in your messaging, Addressing The What’s In It For Me Question

6. Test your ad campaigns, Use of Different Copy: You Have A Few Words To Drive Someone To Click

7. Know your audience.

8. Don’t forget about the mobile web.

9. Start small and work up.

10. Add Social Proof to Your Ad Could Be Very Appealing

11. Use of Awards, Ratings, Reviews, Or Other Third Party Declarations Of Legitimacy Of Your App

12. Use of Different Copy: You Have A Few Words To Drive Someone To Click

13. Try using images instead of text.

14. Measurement & Analytics Capabilities

15. Optimise, Implement, Test, Repeat