10 Correct Types of Backlinks(+ 10 good and simple methods to get them)

Backlinks require no introduction, it is one of the ranking factors among many.  Google search works in simple fashion. Every website submitted is crawled , interpreted, mapped, organized and then presented in the descending order for relevancy. Most relevant are ranked higher.

According to google “Every time you search, there are thousands, sometimes millions, of web pages or other content that might be a match. Google uses its robust systems to present the most helpful information in response to your query.”

This robust system includes information organization, matching content, ranking results, rigourous testing and detecting spam

Backlinks are considered as votes of approval on the internet, but not all backlinks are created equal. Some are good backlinks, some are bad backlinks and some are ignored by search engines.

There are many SEO’s and Freelancer platforms that provide services for as low as USD 5 to get you backlinks but instead they do more harm to the website.

Google now works on the concept of EAT i.e. Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness  and all three are related to Value to the user  and value can only be created by content. 

No one ever defined the quality content but it simply suggests  that the content should be complete, concise and backed with facts and data through experiments or real world implementation, providing constant research based content usually makes you an expert.

But to quantify Authority and Trustworthiness, backlinks are considered as one of the factors,Links given from another website to your site are backlinks. It provides authority to your site.

Backlinks are only valuable when obtained from good authority sites, if they are marked as Do follow instead  of  No Follow tag, and Link Placement position also plays a good role .

If a link is placed in the footer it has less SEO value.

If a link is a No Follow tag it has less SEO value.

If a link is on Top paragraph with Do follow tag on a low authority site it has less SEO Value.

If a link is coming from the dentist website to shoe website it has lesser SEO value.

If a link is coming from a website that is linking to adult, casino, travel and what not apart from you has no SEO Value.

In this article we will be understanding what are the types of backlinks and how can we build them.

  1. Editorial Links- When any website refers to your content or piece of content as a quality piece of content worthy of sharing or using the information shared in your content post. Such links are earned but not purchased and automatically harvested over the period of time.

    To get this link one needs to prepare a complete concise and research based article backed by facts and experiments that cannot be easily replicable instead people use this piece of information and share with others by referring to you.

    Such types of articles require great content writers who know how to research, proofread and copywriting skills.
    Usually one can use paid social media or pay per click search advertising to promote such a great piece of content to gain traction during initial days to put it in front of the eyes of netizens.

    This might sound controversial to some SEO’s but there are so many great articles in this world which yet to see the light of the day because no one discovered it yet.
    We recommend using this article- https://backlinko.com/high-quality-backlinks

    Most Recommended method and one can easily get 2-4 links in a month with this method, One good article would cost you at least USD 1000, and add a budget of at least USD 1000 for promotion and if you want someone to perform keyword and topic research add another USD 500, but be rest assured you will get good quality 2-5 backlinks which will be performing snowball effect over a period of time.

    At tomaque, we charge USD 3000 for getting you at least 5 backlinks through the above mentioned process and at times our clients get more than 300 backlinks over the period on such articles.

  2. Guest blogging/posting- As the name suggests you would be creating content of someone else’s website and may or may not get a backlink to your page, but certainly gets you authority for the topic.

    To find the opportunities people use email outreach and google search to write on other websites, usually write for us is the section people find useful or anyone can check for authority websites in their niche and send them email for writing a great piece of content for them. We recommend this article for creating backlinks through guest blogging-https://loganix.com/guest-blogging-opportunities/  and https://www.semrush.com/blog/guest-blogging/?

    At Tomaque , We provide 5 backlinks through guest blogging for 2500 USD, where we write 5 different articles for your niche websites and get  your backlinks from them.

  3. Free Asset Backlinks-  Any asset that is provided in exchange of reference , for example- calculators, infographics,Tools,widgets,plugins,extension,studies, research, generators etc.
    Suppose you create an auto loan calculator and you will outreach auto sellers to use your calculator in exchange of reference. Usually such assets are an evergreen piece of asset and would require a decent amount of research and understanding of the niche.

    We recommend this article –https://backlinko.com/how-to-get-backlinks

    At Tomaque we can prepare assets that will fetch you backlinks, this service might cost you from USD 1000 depending upon the requirement and competition.
  4. Broken Link Building- Oldest and simplest way of backlink building , where you need to find dead or broken links on other websites and replacement is provided by you through outreach to its webmasters.
    Usually dead links generate “error 404” pages, which is bad for SEO and hence no webmaster denies to use a replacement.
    One can easily find such sites with the help of Google Chrome Extension “ Broken Link Checker”. Or usually search for business that are shut down or out of business using following strings-
    “Keyword” + shut down

“Keyword” + rebranded

“Keyword” + out of business

Contact Tomaque with your niche to claim broken links to your sites.

  1. Claiming Brand Mentions- This is the most underutilized technique where at times your content makes the buzz and people mention on their website with your brand name  but without a backlink. In such scenarios we can perform outreach where the brand is mentioned and request a backlink.
    To find such brand mentions is also difficult. You can also use any free specific tools:

https://www.google.com/alerts (Free)

At Tomaque , We can help you get such backlinks

  1. Help A Reporter Out(HARO)-   Its a website which connects journalists with experts, however with the rise of google and internet literacy most of the journalists use this as second opinion and for quality approval for the information they are gathering. There are some alternatives available in the market too.. However its a time consuming process where you need to be alert at all times to check the opportunity for your niche.
  2. Resource Page Link Building-  Most boring pages on internet, but most readers trust them with the quality of information provided here. Its simple populate the content with useful information related to your niche… Wikipedia link building using wikigrabber is among the most used method in practice. Else one can find website through google with following strings-
    You can find resource pages using the following search strings in Google:

Keyword + “resources”

Keyword + “useful resources”

Keyword + “helpful resources”

Keyword + “links”

Keyword + “useful links”

Keyword + “helpful links”

Keyword + inurl:”resources”

Keyword + inurl:”sites”

Keyword + inurl:”links”

Keyword + inurl:”other sites”

  1. Roundup post Backlink building– Lately most of the popular posts on the internet are roundup posts, where the author performs research and creates a list or review kind of article which helps reader to get the best of links at one place, one can outreach such author of roundup post to consider your article.

    “Keyword” + link roundup

  “Keyword” + best articles

“Keyword” + roundup

“Keyword” + best posts of the week

“Keyword” + best posts

Best blogs + “keyword”

Top blogs + “keyword”

Similarly some people need contribution in the form of money or resource as donation.contribution try searching with following query
“Donation list” + “contributors”

“Contributors page” + “Donate”

  1. Engagement/Comment based Backlinks- Please don’t confuse it with auto approve blog comments or forum comments that will do more harm than good.
    Now this is tricky but effective link building which is more towards brand mentions and gaining authority and expertise in your niche.
    It is becoming part of conversation and providing value contribution to your niche related topics.
    People either through your profile link or by searching your brand to fullfil their curiosity towards you reach out to you and might link to you .
    Such comments might lead to traffic to your website. Most affiliate website use this strategy through social media conversation or through question and answer sites in the form of product review or answer to query, like what is the best 3 door refrigerator in tokyo, and you suggest your affiliate review etc.
    Conclusion is it should be natural in flow with the conversation and not a comment for the sake of it , comment should be addressed to the author and reader both.
  2. Reverse Engineering the competition – Most simple way to gain backlinks is to scan the link profile of your competition, every SEO tool provides this information. You will get two piece of information 1) type of content getting the backlinks and 2) referring domains
    Based on above two information create your strategy and prepare a better content offer for referrers.
    We recommend checking this article from backlink0-https://backlinko.com/hub/seo/backlinks

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