Why Webflow website?

The short answer is, google prefers high-speed user-friendly websites with clean code, and users like animations and interactions to find the website attractive.
Webflow provides the best of both worlds user gets a great-looking animation-rich interactive website and google gets a fast-loading website with clean code and great semantics.

As a result, the user enjoys spending time on the website and giving you business while google puts you higher in search rankings and always in front of users.

A few years back website development was considered a really tricky thing and was completely dependent on highly skilled developers. Thanks to the user-friendly tools and platforms that enable you to get fast and easy website builds, it also allows you to confidently update your website once the basic work has been done.

Why Webflow is best for Digital Agencies?

Webflow allows you to do projects more quickly without losing quality. Initial designs will be in the hands of your clients in days, not weeks. You’ll also be able to quickly incorporate your clients’ suggestions, bringing the final product closer to launch and shortening the period between client approval and version updates.

Why Webflow website is best for clients?

Webflow isn’t only a visual way to code; it’s also a publishing and hosting platform integrated right in. Webflow enables designers to create more complex products in less time. It enables designers to stay up with the business’s pace.
This paves the path for 100 percent flexible design-led websites.
Webflow stands out when it comes to design, despite not being the cheapest or easiest platform to use. Webpages can be customized in a variety of ways.

At Tomaque Digital Services, Webflow is our go-to platform for developing or redesigning websites that are convenient to update and are also aesthetically pleasing. Our experts use the Webflow platform to create a fully customizable, dynamic website that’s set up to perform better in search engine SEO because of its auto-generated sitemaps, clean code, and extremely mobile-friendly experience. Considering the interface that’s fast, secure, and reliable, it’s not difficult to see why Webflow is leading the way in modern CMS.

Importance of Webflow CMS

CMS or content management system refers to the software that allows you to publish content in form of a website. When compared to other traditional platforms like WordPress or Squarespace, Webflow offers features that are much more flexible, customizable, and secure. Also, you don’t have to install anything extra in case you want to make changes to your website. It offers an on-page editing feature and a minimal dashboard, which is in terms is definitely easier to navigate than the one offered by WordPress. On the other hand, Squarespace offers some great templates, but it does not offer the same flexibility and personalization offered by a Webflow website.

What are the advantages of using Webflow

‍At Tomaque Digital Services, we prefer WebFlow for building high-performance websites for businesses offering their products or services online. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should consider Webflow for your next website:

  • Total Customization with Webflow

One of the main reasons you should consider Webflow is that it offers total design control. Every website we create using Webflow is built from a completely scratch blank canvas.  The websites created using Webflow are not based on templates and are 100% customized.

Why is Webflow important?

Your business is unique so your website should be different too! Since Webflow doesn’t require using a pre-defined theme or template, it enables you to create a completely custom solution to fit your needs. The level of customization offered by Webflow also allows us to build a fully branded website that showcases your products or services in the exact manner that you want.

Also, being able to have total control over the design and flow of information also enables us to control how the information is presented to potential customers so that we can create an easy and required call to action.

Sophisticated Webflow CMS

The Content Management System (CMS) offered by Webflow is simply AWESOME. It offers the feature to quickly and easily add new blogs, portfolio items, services, etc. It is handy to use, especially for people who don’t have much idea about websites.

For eg you run a restaurant and you currently offer three types of cuisine. On your website, you have a cuisine overview page and then each cuisine has its own page to give customers more information about that cuisine.

Once you have designed the CMS, overview page, and individual pages adding the fourth cuisine to the overview page and list of unique cuisine items pages only takes a minute or two. When you go to add in the new cuisine, all you need to do is add the appropriate text and images to the CMS view.  In this way, the overview page gets updated and the new cuisine page is automatically created.

‍No Need For Plug-Inn in Webflow unlike WordPress

‍While other website builder platforms depend on plugins to add extra functionalities, Webflow is an all-inclusive platform. While using Webflow, you don’t have to worry about plugins getting outdated and updating them regularly.

At times, when plugins aren’t updated, they can create several issues on the website without you even knowing about them! Also, adding a ton of plugins to your site can actually reduce the site speed and hamper the overall user experience.

The other advantage of not using plugins on Webflow is the fast responsive customer service. If you have any issue related to a Webflow website, you can simply reach out to Webflow’s customer service team and they will resolve your issue. On website builder platforms like WordPress that are plugin dependent, you will have to contact the individual plugin developers in case of any issues.

Fully Responsive Webflow Website With Multiple Screen Sizing Options

Nowadays a vast portion of web traffic comes from mobile devices, therefore having a sleek and mobile-friendly website is really important. In fact, 52.9% of all web traffic is mobile And this data doesn’t include the visitors or traffic from tablets!

Webflow not only offers you the feature to create and design a mobile-compatible website, but it also allows you to design a customized view for tablet devices and oversized monitor screens. This means that irrespective of the size of the device of the customers, you can always provide them an amazing experience that fits their devices.

To make this more useful, Webflow also makes it possible to customize different elements for different screen views. For example, if you want to create certain interactions (like swiping on a photo)  for mobile, but not on the desktop, you can do that in Webflow!

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