Best Practices for organic growth through Social Media Marketing for India

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Best Practices for organic growth through Social Media marketing for India

Best Practices for organic growth through Social Media Marketing for India

Winning a lottery is impossible, there is a one-in-a-million chance that you will get the money that you desire in a single go. But winning in the world of social media is easy and if you play the game right you will get what you want without putting too much effort into it. As the world is aware of the evolution of social media and the part it plays in the modern world. If you haven’t joined this phenomenon, you should start it before it’s too late. Understanding social media marketing will put you a hundred steps above in any form of business. The making appeal, the consumer reception, the product competition, and many more can be achievable with just a single click.

Social media based on the concept can be difficult to understand, but the core principle stays the same as in every other marketing field. If you have even been on the internet then you know plenty of influencers have used the algorithm behind social media to see success in their life. It is much easier to find thousands of articles telling you to pay money to get the secret behind social media. Most of them are just plain scams with little to no valuable information to help people to get to the top by using social media.

Everybody has the desire to be successful in the modern world by using the internet. But the reality always strikes at the end and makes you rethink your entire life. Some do give up and move on with other things, while others rectify their mistake and take another shot at them. The latter end is the only way for anyone to become successful in social media using nothing but just great strategy. Understanding the world of social media and how it moves from one part of the world to another in an instant, keeping track of all of them, and using the trends to move further in the line is how you can crack the code of social media. 

The science behind social media marketing for India

Social media promotion making is more technologically driven than at any point in history. Back then posting on social media required no additional data and information. While the method works, it would garner plenty of views and comments from people. But that doesn’t necessarily translate to a loyal consumer that will stick with the company for a long time. The improvement in technology allowed social media apps to function better in the real world and the world online. The perception of social media is now taking a stronghold in the lives of billions of people.

In 2017 users on social media consumed 5.53 billion hours of content every day. Which was an increase of 264% in the last five years. Massive companies are not missing any of this, as CNN posts around 47 tweets every single day and expands their business to 37 billion by 2020. Developing a strategic approach to social media has helped plenty of companies to generate traffic to their website and grow faster. Here are some of the data that will give you a much clearer view of how interaction works in the field of social media. 

Content Interactions

A regular post on social media gets few interactions but once it is carefully crafted it will get upward of a million views. Here are some engagement statistics for popular social media sites on the internet.

  • The average engagement with the Facebook post is 0.16 %
  • For Instagram its 1.73 %
  • For twitter its 0.046 %

This is where science comes in and helps the company to consider the issue and rectify it before publishing any post on social media. Nowadays companies focus more on targeted content advertising. Perfect scheduling strategies can help one to boost the appeal of their profile to new viewers. There are ways one can accomplish scheduling posts without any software. Some people now probably use the old software to drive their viewers’ count on social media. But now the majority of companies use new software packed with more features. Features such as optimal scheduling, budgeting, and many more will help the industry to pick up a lot of views on the internet.

Social media usage goes on for hours depending on the content available on the platform. If the content gets refreshed every 2 to 3 hours of the day, then the engagement will see a rise too in higher numbers. The term always connected comes with the delivery of content made by the company. The social media platform will be a great tool to help the consumer always stay connected to the company. So they grow a family-type relationship with the organization rather than seeing the relationship as consumer or company. Once the user sees value in the company they will be more reluctant to switch to other products.

A study conducted by AMA revealed a lot of in-depth information about social media and the science behind it.

  • The study showed posting content in the morning resulted in an 8.8% increase in clicks over the post that was created for the afternoon.
  • Target content advertising helps the company gain 21% in the afternoon and it decreases by 9.7% at night.
  • Publishing content that creates negative emotions in the morning will be more effective than posting anything in the afternoon or evening
  • Target content advertising requires a bare minimum effort. The fact shows that a company can reach its medium gross profit by 8% if only they allocate some time arranging the post.

Supportive Scientific Studies on Social Media

Here are some scientific studies done on social media to see why this is so addictive than drugs in the market. The two studies explore the inner workings of the brain when it sees the pages of different social media.

Study #1

The science behind social networks goes a bit deeper, as a new study from UCLA shows the inner workings of social media in our brains. Matthew Lieberman, Ph.D. had this to say about the social nature of these communication channels

The social nature of our brains is biologically based. When I want to take a break from work, the brain network that comes on is the same network we use when we’re looking through our Facebook timeline and seeing what our friends are up to.”

The research focused on participants looking at photos of people. Each photo either described the person in the picture or a text of what the person was feeling while the photo was taken. Participants who looked at the picture with emotion captioned felt more activity in their prefrontal cortex and built a social connection from just looking at the photo.

Study #2

Another interesting study that was done on this subject showed evidence of why social media platforms are also addictive to people. This research paper was conducted by Harvard University. Here the experiment showed the act of disclosing information about oneself activates the sensation of pleasure in the part of the brain.

When a person reveals something about their own to the world they feel a pleasure which keeps them revealing more information about themselves on the internet. This sense of constant pleasure will make anyone addicted to the internet 24×7. Because our brain thinks of the act of disclosure as a satisfying experience to be part of. The study also showed the part of the region that activates the happy feeling when a person is accessing the internet. Especially if the theme is about themselves rather than other people.

The effectiveness of social media

Many companies even hire external firms to take care of social media content planning. Because learning the pattern to social media content is difficult for any newcomers. Various data and algorithms have to be taken into account before making any content online. Targeting a group from their history of shopping and interest helps the company to create and that is specially made for the group. It’s all about grabbing the interest of strangers.  Companies even perform various surveys to make sure to keep the consumer interest at heart. Normally brands online don’t even see their user base as consumers, they want to make it all feel like they are part of a big family. This Is what sells more to the people.

The effectiveness of social media marketing holds more value compared to the other forms of marketing for the product and services.

As it helped:

  • Increased exposure of 95% of companies through the help of social media.
  • 61% of respondents saw more partnerships switching to social media.
  • Reduction of marketing expenses reported by 57% of the company.
  • Improved their SEO ranking on google.
  • Saw more traffic for companies worldwide.
  • Build a better relationship with the consumer.

Many large-scale companies create an environment that drives people into thinking they are part of the community. The content that the company creates every single day needs to provide one specific message their followers want to hear. It could be a problem, solution, or response to feedback. Anything to make people think that they take the consumer base seriously. If something is trending online, then various accounts use the trend to drive their social media presence in the world.

From the moment of creating content to posting everything is data-driven. The science behind it makes everything much clear, so the company would know what content to make at this time and when to post it. The timing matters a lot. If everything goes according to the plan then the content will get more likes than the post before. This will result in a gain of massive followers in a short period of time. The priority is always paid higher to the people than anything else. The rise of social media helps the company to be more consumer narrative than technology or profit way of seeing the current market.

While in the old days taking the approach of advancing technology helped them to garner attention for their products and services. But now more people are spending time on the internet, every product on the platform receives user reviews and criticism. Some companies follow up on the feedback and make it better, and some don’t. The point of the matter is, social media allows people to share their opinion on things. That is why consumer-driven type of thinking works better in this day and age than before. Now the content is made for people more than for tv, when you are making content for people, you will need to add stuff that relates to people.

Social Media helps the company to  –

  • Brand Monitoring

Close eye on brand mentions, trends, and ongoing activities online.

  • Response

Listing to the people what they have to say about the product, content, and other matters.

  • Amplify their presence

Using the feedback and monitoring to create great content that amplifies their overall presence online for more people to see and interact.

  • Content marketing

Content must include current news, quotes, photos, and videos to grab the internet of people as fast as possible. An effective schedule posting will help the company to grab the internet of more people in a small window than ever. The company has to post every single day so the consumer or follower won’t ever think about switching to a different platform.

The chart shows the usage of content creation and how it helped the companies to steer in a completely new direction. The success of marketing lies in the form of content making.

  • Here 83% increase happened through the process of content creation
  • 68% came from strategy development and adjustment
  • 39% priority was paid to content marketing over anything else.

This is the science behind social media. Nothing is being done on social media without the investment of any rational thought and data. Everything that you consume on social media is carefully crafted for you. While you may think one social media content is not for you, there’s a chance you will find the stuff that you are looking for in 5 to 10 minutes of browsing online. This is how the marketing of 2021 works, every major company pays more attention to its online presence by creating videos, images, text posts, rewards, coupons, and discounts online. All of them will be based on consumer satisfaction and nothing else.

Psychological Aspects of Social Media Marketing

The Internet has allowed people to communicate with each other and share their views and get watched by millions of people. This is not what it used to be in the past. More eyes on every review can be a difficult concept to accept for many companies. This is the reason why so many companies who are stuck behind the old methods get to see the backend side of the maker quickly without putting any time into increasing their value in it.

NYT study reveals a lot of hidden parts of social media that show a lot more than just numbers. The study conducted by NYT shows the psychology behind online sharing. Here are some of the motives people have for sharing online,

  • 94% wanted to make the lives of others better.
  • 68% want the content to match their identity.
  • 80 % wanted to grow their relationships.
  • 81% wanted the engagement of other people in their reaction.
  • 84% liked to spread the word about the thing they like.

People feel connected to content if they feel any sort of emotional communication with it. This is the reason why songs, music videos, images, and many other forms of entertainment touch people in different ways. Because they are created with a specific target in mind. Everything has to be done on an emotional value. People react to a lot of things on social media. Some of them for the funny appeal meanwhile some of them find the emotion that they seek in real life. That is why many tv shows are still relevant even in today’s society. It is the emotion that drives the shows to higher numbers. The same can be said about social media. As every post is meant to pull out certain emotions from the viewer.

These emotions will contact the viewer to the profile and build a healthy relationship between them. The art of sharing shows a lot of things about the world of social media. One of the most interesting questions it asks is why people share stuff online.

The research reveals a lot of inner data associated with social media. It reveals:

  • 25% of teens view social media as having a negative effect on their behavior and their world in general.
  • Depression also increased by 21% in boys and 50% in girls.
  • A study performed on 8th to 12th graders saw a higher level of suicide rate amongst girls in the age group by a whopping 65%.
  • The child suicide rate increased up to 150% and the act of self-harm is on the rise amongst 10 to 14 years old.
  • 59% of US teens experienced cyberbullying or online harassment.

The psychological impact of these issues is on the rise. People are feeling more depressed than they ever were during the phase of the communication revolution. Now that we have more ways to connect to one another than at any time in history. People are not communicating with each other, instead, they are much more likely to do self-harm and other violent acts on themselves or on somebody they know.

This can be researched by anyone, just look at a music video that has billions of hits. There has to be a reason why a billion people felt the need to click on the song and possibly share it with their friends. While one way of looking at this analogy will give you the answer that the music is good, and the other answer would be that the music video captured the emotion of the viewer. That is why some of the love songs or funny songs are immediate hits amongst people.

Because people can easily relate to the content, once they find the content to be enjoyable they will share it with their friends and family through various platforms. This is why much of the content online has billions or millions of hits and gets shared hundreds of thousands of times. And all of this helped the video to grab a lot more attention to it. This is the cycle of social media, the emotional manipulation through content is how many artists and companies are still staying relevant after decades of their presence online. This is why the content gets made, the emotional value needs to be higher. This is the psychology behind the content you consume from social media.

If content doesn‘t have the IT factor, then it will lose plenty of viewers and attention to that in a second. Emotion is what drives the tools of social media. That is why the content you see on social media is carefully crafted to pull out emotion from its viewers. While some of it might not be made for you in mind, some will definitely click. When a company covers all the emotions in the content-making porches. Then they will immediately see a healthy reaction to their content from strangers and their online user base. This is how people stay relevant online. The psychology behind social media works on many different levels.

All of them are meant to pull out the emotions of people and help them feel connected to the company. The feeling of somebody making a product for them is something that will connect to the people more than doing a product or content without anything in mind. This kind of method vastly explains the science and psychology of social media. People have different emotions, these emotions come in awe, anger, anxiety, fear, sadness, and humor. These emotions are in every human being what every human being has and they share it online, and by sharing their thoughts online they look for other thought processes that match their opinion. This is why a stronger user base grows, a circle of like-minded climate is what pushes people to interact with social media more frequently and on a daily basis.

Here are some of the addictive problems that come with social media.

  • Time killing – the more time a user spends on social media the more they want to know information about themselves on the recent post or the comment left on other posts. This makes people wait for the changes or updates that are moving in their life. This creates a time-killing experience for the pool.
  • Fomo – the fear of missing out will be higher amongst social media users. As they want to know everything crucial or less important right away without moving to the future. Many social media users want to know about themselves and the reaction they get online rather than improve themselves.
  • Endless content – the content is endless, one can start scrolling on any of the social media websites and they will immediately get lost in the content. As there are billions of content and more that never is going to reach the end-stage.
  • Time-consuming- people learn almost nothing when they have access to social media 24×7. They learn every few things that will not matter in the future or work as personal development of the brain.

As long as the data is behind the content, it will attract certain people through a variety of emotions. This emotion will make them communicate with the company through feedback or a simple comment. To crack the code of social media and understand the psychology behind you will need to put some time into researching the demographic and what they want to hear. Creating a like-minded environment will help the company or any user profile to build its base online. That is why many ads you see on videos and websites will have a certain theme to them. That is why some ads are more captivating as it draws you into the video that lasts for 30 to 40 seconds.

Putting shorter videos also helps people to look at the video without getting bothered by the entire 20-minute full video. The majority of successful youtube videos have shorter lengths compared to the bigger ones.

The process to shift all the major transactions to the internet was somewhat slower, but now it has completely shifted to the internet. Due to the rent pandemic, more people are focusing more on online dealings than getting involved offline. While local stores have what they need to make it safe and save some money people are going online to get their fix. This brings us to the topic at hand, which is the role it will play for business through the application.

Emotional Aspects of Social Media Marketing

Emotion creates motivation in people in changing their life and making them better. Most people are quick to remember what they see on the internet. If they’re going to install an app that carries the brand name, they will immediately remember the name of the brand through the app. As long as her brand name is short and memorable then it will make her job much easier for the app. Many companies are now seeing the app as a billboard sign that is being used to sell the name and product without too much spring. An app will easily deliver both of those by changing the picture.

Emotion plays a heavy role in social media. Every content is being made to draw a specific amount of emotions out of the people. This is where the apps come along to the equation. The presence of apps on the phone creates this addictive relationship between people and their phones. That is why people all around the world check their phones every hour to see the latest developments in the world and what they should know about them.

Here are some of the things that people engaged with the social media

  • Recent developments
  • News about the things they like
  • Receiving updates
  • New products
  • Social reactions
  • People Attention
  • Any sort of negative or positive reaction to the post
  • Checking out the analytics to see the recent numbers

All of them have a part to play in the lives of people who use social media online for different purposes. You can see all of the points create an emotional value in people. So they will need the feel to check all of them and see if anything changes. Whether to see the views on their post or waiting in for their friends to comment, to see if the comment is negative or positive, and many more are dedicated through feelings and emotion.

Here are some factors that help people connect to social media on an emotional level:

  • Time

The more time they open the social media app or spend time in it, the more they will know the interesting content and share it with the people they know. This is how modern communication and marketing work. It is the old saying ‘’Word of mouth” but translates to the digital world. In digital marketing, the opinion of one user can influence others to buy the product and invest money in it without any questions being asked. The digital world has the power to influence a lot of people without investing too much money, as long as the app is focused on user interaction. Brand recognition will happen at a much faster rate than any offline making ever will.

  • Sharing their opinion

People will very much like to share their opinion and what they feel about the product directly on the social media app without sugarcoating it. Both negative and positive feedback is what makes social media much more interesting for others to read about. The information here is what makes plenty of good and better-viewed content for millions to see and enjoy. Besides leaving feedback about the product people will also post about what they want to see in the next product. The opinion of people will be made from their personal experience and the stuff they see on the market. Because they feel deeply impacted by the product and its purchase. In the review, they will go to extreme lengths to describe all the details that happened before and after making a purchase of the product.

  • The sense of finding new things

If another company launches a more advanced variation of the product with more features, then people would start to follow the trend and join the other company. This is how fast the market moves in this day and age. It can get very difficult to know how to improve upon the current product and services. The ideas will come straight from people who have used the product to an extensive degree and will explain how to achieve the next step for the product and its uses.

  • Content Creation

The thing that will drive engagement from people, is top-quality content creation. This is the element that will keep the engagement running for a long time for the company through an app. The basic job of content creation is to create plenty of enjoyable gifs, images, and videos to inform the social media base and help them engage with the profile better. The engagement of the content will depend on how emotionally effective it is through its content. The best way to create content is to follow the current trends on different platforms, and use them to lure consumers to your products.

Addiction pops into the brain from the dopamine properties. Every time we open our smartphone we immediately get a big dose of dopamine that makes us feel good and feel like we matter in the world. The Internet Addiction disorder rate is between 1.5% to 8.2%. Over 10% of Americans are addicted to social media, as it runs most of their daily life.

Social Media Manipulation

Here are some of the ways social media manipulates people into thinking irrationally.

  • Breaking privacy

People on social media have privacy as long as they keep their profiles private but the majority of social media set their profiles to public. So they would connect to more people and expand their friend base. While all of this sounds good, it does allow others to look into your profile even if they don’t know you. Social media provides a door for so many people into looking at the lives of others without facing the consequences.

  • Useless purchases

Social media also forces the mind to get into new things. Sometimes it can be good stuff that will help the person but most of the time it is something that you don’t need. A well-made video will convince a lot of people to buy something they don’t need. This is another way social media manipulates people into doing something that costs them a lot of money.

  • Going into the rabbit hole

Let the curiosity take you, the phrase holds a lot of meaning but in the world of social media, it takes to the areas that will end up being bad and worse. Social media offers a lot of options. Some People skip most of the things and stick to the basics, while others will feel like getting themselves involved more in the things that will do only harm to their mental health and body. The more you discover on social media, the higher the chances are that you are going to find something that you will regret stepping into.

  • Following bad trends

The like and shared manipulation will make people into a whole new different person. They have to follow an idiotic trend to get views and likes on their picture and profile. Sometimes it can be fun, but there were challenges in the past that created health hazards. Basically, doing anything stupid is the easiest way to get quick views on the internet.

Emotion draws massive numbers, which is why most of the youtube videos with billion hits are just music videos and funny cartoon skits. Something so simple can work at a tremendous level. This is what memes the social media much more internet for people to be part of. The emotional connection through posts and videos is how people handle the marketing of the company and expand their business to more people. To learn more about the emotional impact of social media, you can click on the study “Emotion in social media” by Panger, Galen Thomas.

How Colors of creatives impact the brain

Some people may not be familiar with the concept of the psychology of color but it does exist. And yes, it impacts the brain in positive and negative ways. Here are the effects people feel when they are seeing a post with a specific color.

Black -It is considered the color of authority, power, sophistication, and strength. You will see this more in electronic and luxury item advertisements on social media.

Red – It brings energy and it can be initially eye-catching. As it fills the viewer with excitement about what they are going to read. Red also works as a highlight color that tells the important bits of the product or article to people. On the internet, you will read being used as a danger sign, product highlight, terrible feature, and the most negative element of the web page.

White – This is a soothing color that offers high contrast. It makes anything look clean and truthful. That is why you see most websites applying color to their content to make everything refreshing for the viewer to see and read.

Blue– Blue shows security, wisdom, and loyalty. It calms the user as anything is written in blue will provide a solution to their problem. Most businesses will use it to describe important details that provide security and loyalty.

Green – this color gets used to show growth, health, and money. You will come across plenty of success stories written in this color to show large wealth and masculinity. At the same time, green also gets used to describe environment-friendly energy types or as it is known “Renewable Energy”.

Yellow – yellow represents optimism, humor, and happiness on the internet. Plenty of funny social media posts will use the color yellow to bring their message out to people. Yellow is also known to better our concentration and boost our metabolism.

Purple – this color is associated with sophistication and royalty. Most of the problem-solving articles use the color purple to provide solutions. It is also recognized as a romantic color and very feminine.

These are pathways websites used to convince people into following them or buying a product from them. Using colors is the best way to convince people into doing something that they don’;t want to do initially. Many of the clickbait articles written online would follow these colors to sell products or services to people. As you know now how useful colors are to bring a specific message to people.

What kind of audience is found on what social media?

Social media includes people from all walks of life from all over the world. The content you see on social media is from different backgrounds, from different people with a variety of ideas, and a much more diverse system is implemented in the content making it appealing. Social media’s target audience is a group of people that people want to appeal to. The audience shows demographics, job titles, age, income level, education, location, behavior, history of shopping, and internet interactions.

Companies use the target demographic to sell its product to the people. Normally putting the ads everywhere will get you a decent amount of views but there will need loyal consumer interactions. Since the ad doesn’t have anything going for it. Understanding the key demographic of the audience of a product will help you get all the details of the social media target audience to get more people into your product and company. Learning about social media audiences helps the company interact with its consumer base. Here are the steps for the social media audience:

  • Creating an online persona
  • Finding out the active audience
  • Seeing what your competitors are doing
  • Performing surveys on customers.
  • Joining groups to promote services and products

These are the ways a company can take to get the audience they want for their product and services. Getting them ain’t going to be easy. The market has also been changing at a constant rate. Social media also malign the changes daily. What works now may not work the next day. This is why equipping them with current hardware and news will help anyone to put out better content that has likeability to it.

Let’s get a bit deeper into finding an active audience. Social media as a whole includes people from all over the world. It can be difficult to determine where the marketing capital should go. Since there are many social media platforms that have users from different demographics. Here is a quick breakdown of the people you will find on social media and how can anyone market their product and services within these platforms to get better appeal to their name and products. 

Platform age group gender Interest Type of post  
Instagram 18 to 29 Females dominated (50.4%) Sponsored post Images and videos  
Facebook 25 to 34 Male-dominated (56.3%) Variety of items, e-commerce Images, videos, games, surveys  
Twitter 18 to 29 Male-dominated (61.6%) news articles, current trends Texts, images, short videos  
LinkedIn 25 to 34 Male-dominated (56.9%) Hiring, student-related Texts, videos, images.  
Snapchat 20 -34 Female dominated (57.4%) Current popular trends Short videos  
Youtube 25 – 55 Equal (72%) Current news and vlogs, reviews, sports tech, games, Videos, Surveys, images  

How to get Viral on Social Media

It ain’t going to be easy but it is not impossible. There are plenty of ways you can create content that will blow through the roof of the internet. If you look at the past viral incidents done by companies all over the world. You will get the gist of what to do to break the internet barrier. Going viral requires a lot of things to be done right. Here are the steps that can make anyone create viral content on social media.

  • Making High-Quality Content
  • Making the content universally appealing
  • Partner with influencers to promote the product. As they will drive the product to their millions of subscribers. From there, you can rely on word of mouth to do the rest of the marketing.
  • Make sure to post the content on various social media platforms.
  • An emotional story will help elevate the content to a much higher level.
  • Make everything short and to the point. Once it starts to meander, people will immediately turn off the video. Different content will require you to make the video long, for example, creating a music video process will be different than making a promotional marketplace for a service.
  • For a company, creating shorts will be a much better way to spread the message out to people than making a long-form video.
  • Pay more attention to making the content visually appealing and content-driven.
  • Everything that will get covered in the content should be information-based.
  • Not all content should behave the same. A viral music video tries to capture the attention of every boy. But a promotional market product should always stick to a specific audience.

Here is one of the greatest examples of how to cash in on the trends. Using a trend to drive viewers is how a company would stay relevant and go viral in the social media world. The popularity of the dress trend on social media made plenty of companies jump into action and create their version of it through their product.

Going viral is the dream of anybody who makes content online. The trouble with this method is the follow-up. Once you go viral, you will need to create something to catch the lightning in the bottle again. Many companies and artists have done it again and again, where they always have follow-up ready to go viral to make a stronger presence in the world. One viral video will be enough to get a lot of consumers to their profile and expand business in an exceptional way.

Power of Stories /Reels/Shorts in social media platforms

Stories that get told in a short-form video impact more people. Most people like watching videos in short form, so they will spend less time on the video and get the highlight of it. This is not a bold new idea, people who watch highlights of a sport do it because they missed the game or they just wanted to get the best part of the sports match. The same rule applies here. A 15-second short video will tell a far more watchable story that people will watch the entire video without skipping over to the new one.

Many the platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok, snap chat also feature short videos that tell a far more engaging story in 15 to 20 seconds duration. Most people will find that click-worthy, as it will be a quick summary of the entire subject without wasting the user’s time. Here are the steps you need to follow to create a short-form video.

  • Adding a timer on the video
  • Think about what you are planning to do in the 15-second video.
  • Make sure it is interesting and at the same time informative.
  • If you are selling a product, here you can only focus on the best part rather than covering all.
  • You can add interesting music to keep the people engaging.
  • Speed and slow-motion will add an extra layer of effect that can be usual for any video that falls under the short category.
  • Adding a hashtag challenge will convince more to share the video on their social media platforms.
  • Make sure the video has balanced contrast and brightness.
  • Different content will require creating a variety of shorts that focus on the key elements of the continent. For example, for hairstyle content, here focusing on the end product will be a better choice for a video. If you are going to make a short about dancing, then well-made choreographed dance moves will sell the video more to the people.

How stories get made?

Creating engaging shorts can be challenging for anyone in the world. But it is not as difficult as some might think about shorts. It doesn’t matter what platform you want to use to make the short video and where to publish it. All of them will give you the stage. It is your job to make the short entertaining to stand out on all of them. In other words, the short has to be appealing in order for it to do well on all the other platforms.

●    Ideas

  • You can get ideas from top blog posts in your thread, if you have a website, you can quickly find the data you need about the top blogs on your site.
  • Study the content that gets shared a lot on social media. Using it to make shorts will also be very effective.
  • Checking out other videos from similar brands to get an idea of what you need to make to get the most engagement.

●    Simplicity

Keep your message simple and on to the point. Minadring with other subjects will quickly distract the people from the main topic. Always have the subject on hand for a better impression. Because people watch these shorts everywhere, most of the short videos are watched without sound. According to Facebook, nearly 85% of the Facebook shorts are played without any sound. The content and the subtitles did the trick to convey the message to people without uttering a single word.

●    Short Video Type

Square videos do much better on social media than landscape videos. People on youtube will prefer to watch a landscape-type video but on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, here vertical or square-type videos are preferred.

  • Here you can choose between 9:16 or 1:1 aspect ratio to create the perfect ratio for a short on social media.
  • Make sure the video is at 60 seconds or less in length.
  • Making the video vertical usually stands out better on social media platforms.

●    Add solid background

A simple colored background does really well in social media posts. It focuses the attention from the viewer on the topic for 15 seconds without looking anywhere. Make the color simple, as different colors tones a variety of messages that will help with the primary subject of the post.

●    Record and share

Now it is time to hit record and test out the video. Doing a small survey will also be helpful in removing the unnecessary parts. Getting different opinions will make the video much better and it will make it more content friendly. There are tools that will help you finalize the video by adding stickers, background sound, and current hashtagged to smoothen the video that is social media-ready.



Algorithm Workings

Different social media platforms have their unique algorithm within them that makes the entire system work. This section will cover the algorithm of the most popular social media on the internet.

Understanding the algorithm of Instagram

Instagram’s algorithm is based on :

  • Interest

The more you interact with an account. The more likely you will get the same type of profile recommended to you or it will be on your feed. A consistent appearance on Instagram will help the account get positive signals from the Instagram algorithm.

  • Relationship

Building a trusting relationship with your friend and people who you know or search for.

  • Timeliness

Timeline before the last photo and the photo you just uploaded matter to win favors from the algorithm.

  • Frequency

Often the use of the Instagram app will make the feed appearance better and the app will show you the best post since your last visit.

  • Following

If the followers are long then you will have the best content but not all. If a large proportion of your following is not active then they will be putting your photo down on the algorithm ranking.

  • Usage

More usage means the algorithm will suggest newer content.

Understanding the algorithm of Facebook

Facebook takes these points into consideration before putting any page or profile at the top of the food chain.

  • Relationship – this includes messages, tags, engages, follows from the ushers to business, public person, news source, etc.
  • Content-Type – what type of media post that user interacts with the most amount of attention.
  • Popularity – the reaction from your friends and other people on the post.
  • Recent – You will get more views on a post based on its posted date.

Understanding the algorithm of LinkedIn

These types of content usually get a higher amount of views on Linkedin.

  • Video- by far the best way to get a high level of engagement on LinkedIn is to create a video to describe everything you want without creating any sort of written content. Linkedin allows users to post these types of videos
    • Brand Awareness – general explanation from the brand
    • Considerations – This is where the company grabs the attention of people
    • Problem-solving – defining the product to people
    • Social Proof- this where the background details are provided to give the user an idea of what it is going to be like working for them.
  • Text form – a compelling text post to reveal much about the company will engage better with the audience.
  • Images – while Linkedin may not be known as an image-driven platform, the algorithm does react to image-centric posts. But it is certainly not better than video.

Understanding the algorithm of Snapchat

Snapchat has a different system applied to them but it functions the same way as other social media platforms. Snapchat‘s algorithm is hidden from the world but some experts have speculated that it uses Snapchat lenses that use the Viola-Jones algorithm to apply lenses to the facial part of the user. The algorithm catches the facial structure and features.

In the next step, it uses the Active Shape model to detect the feature. Then it creates a 3d model that can move and scale to your face. But the active shape model is trained to handle the protein of an average face. But much of the Snapchat algorithm is not known. They are very secretive about how the entire process works and plays out on the internet. You will find little to no article explaining how the magic behind Snapchat works.

Maybe someday they will publish the inner workings behind this social media account.

Understanding the algorithm of Twitter

The Twitter algorithm focuses on:

  • Recency – the recent post published in your account
  • Relevance – the hashtag or the keywords used in the tweet
  • Engagement – the engagement it had in the Twitter world. This gets judged by retweets, clicks, favorites, impressions, and mentions.
  • Media Type- Whether the tweet includes image, video, GIF, and Polls.
  • Followers – how many followers the account has.
  • Location – the location of the account to other users.

The algorithm changes from one year to another but the core concept still stays the same with some minor changes. The drastic changes make the user change her entire approach to social media with a unique new perspective. Sometimes people break the algorithm and post stuff that immediately gets millions of views. This Is why companies are more reluctant to stick to one type of algorithm permanently. Since it can be exploited by anyone at any given time. Changing the algorithm helps the platform to stay new and make the system fair for both users and the company.


Social media marketing is the new way of doing business. In the world, as of right now billions of dollars are being invested in social media to drive better profit margins for companies. Videos, images, gifs, graphics are being shared by billions of people making the entire system work to its fullest. If you look at the current trend of the popularity of social media, then you will realize the number will always go up, the usage of the internet and the user base will increase to a much higher number this will result in more money invested in the social media marketing and better tools for more effective results.

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