Rank and Rent SEO Case Study- Beyond Local SEO

Rank and Rent SEO Case Study

Rank and Rent is an easy concept to understand.

You can relate it with real estate of real world, you own a property then you can put it on monthly rental to monetise it while enjoying the appreciation value and ownership .

In virtual world , one can prepare a website , nurture it with great content and digital marketing practices , once this website start attracting web traffic we monitise by renting out the leads for certain price.

This is similar to Adsense model, you display adsense on certain pages and monetise the traffic , Instead we place Call To Actions to capture leads and forward it to product or service provider

There are a lot of companies who offer such services but Rank & Rent is one of the finest business models in current times , why because it does not require any upfront investment for business clients and they pays only for results

and for owner it is an asset which can negotiate pricing based on the quality and quantity of lead generation.

Untill recently , Rank and Rent SEO method was only restricted to Local SEO projects but we experimented and performed it on global level, here are the insights of the process.

We are unable to mention the client name as they would want to keep the integrity in place .

Rank and Rent SEO niche ?

We used mining industry niche to search our clients/buyers in UAE, for starters they value the lead and have faith in digital marketing or anything related to tech industry , hence approaching such clients is always fruitful.

So mining industry requires lot of support equipments , after research we found one product related to this industry and it is “bits tricone”

When you search on google or any other tool you wont get much of the data related to it .

but we went with our instinct , we started digging more information related to the products that are used in mining industry.

SEO for drilling and mining industry trend for product tricone bit

Rank and Rent SEO keyword research ?

We started our search with our niche product itself i.e. “bits tricone” ,”tricone  bits” and to be honest results for not comforting for someone who wants data backed digital marketing strategies.

But then we changed the search engines, languages used searches with different countries using  a VPN  and we did find some google ads running for the keyword.

Rank and Rent SEO competition check ?

Competition was there , but not in a way that cannot be optimized to outrank. We did the maths , figured out which all keywords that we are needed to outrank anyone.

Competition was important but trend was equally important , we usually assume that if any keyword reaseach tool shows search volume in real life its usually 5 times of that , because related keywords and match type compensates the remainder of desired web traffic.

and if someone bids for it on google ads then certainly people want that product even in B2B industry

tricone bit keywords reseach by tomaque for drilling industry seo services

Rank and Rent SEO domain search ?

Usually for such industry exact match domain is what is recommended , but what we did we performed the outreach to the client with an offer they cant refuse .

We offered them free of cost website redevelopment and SEO if we send them atleast 3 new leads from internet marketing in next 3 months .

and they only have to pay if they get any sale out of our leads and pay us $1000 per month for next 24 months .

So in this case we used their own domain , optimised the website and got them result within 2nd month of service.

now we are running paid ads for them too

Rank and Rent SEO content development ?

For certain niche , content development is fair and simple , if its a process it will remain the same , if its a chemical composition it will remain the same , and for technical specification it will remain the same.

We used the existing content of the website did some copywriting made it much user friendly  and went live with it

Rank and Rent SEO Website Development ?

For website , we switched from plain html to WordPress CMS , it helped us made this website more user friendly , responsive, this website was not secured earlier as no SSL certificate was installed .  There were lot of product images and no image had any alt tags , thanks to wordpres CMS  image SEO is quite easy

Website was live in 14 days.

Rank and Rent SEO call to actions setup ?

Instead of a plain and simple information website , we chose themes that has call to action built in to header section specially for phone number and email.

Apart from that we wanted a form on the first fold of the website , we used Contact form 7 plugin along with Elementor page builder.

We also embedded a live chat option to the website , by doing so we left no stone unturned in order to capture leads.

Rank and Rent SEO Strategy?

Our strategy was simple, Re do the website , Upload the content after copywriting ,  manage the social media and perform outreach to their existing clients to provide us some reviews and backlinks.

Once done we submitted the website to google , it took good 5 days to get indexed  , and Voila we were on third position on SERPs  in the second week of 2nd month.

and by the end of last week of 2nd month , we were able to grab top position and with good 5 leads , that went on to get converted into sales order for that company

We were paid $3000 before the beginning of the 3rd month.

Thats how SEO worked for us to gain a client that introduced us to test new waters and we crossed the canal safely.

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