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Anshu Garg

A Digital Marketing Professional who have hands on experience with web and content development , On page and technical SEO , Expert and link building strategies with other off page SEO .

Managed over 5 Million dollars till date on platforms like Google Adwords , Microsoft Bing and Facebook Advertising for industries like Travel, Events, Technical Support , Financial Services and E commerce industries.

My job is to act as a bridge between clients and operations team. I look after digital marketing strategies , identify gaps and implement actions based on audits.

I have 10 years of experience in digital marketing industry and I have worked on various platforms like like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads , Microsoft Bing and LinkedIn Ads. I have also worked on email marketing campaigns and was part of a team that used to manage a number of websites. By now, I have very good experience in the field.

A few months back, one of my clients came up with an idea about a social media campaign. They wanted to leverage Facebook for this purpose and were interested in making it a success.

The client in question is into fashion and accessory retailing, an industry that is very competitive and cut throat in India. However, it had been observed that this particular category has decent number of online shoppers who spend about on average Rs.1,394 per transaction [Source : KII] .

Anyways besider my technical aptitude on concepts of digital marketing, My mission is to create value for my clients by offering them expertise in digital marketing strategy, guidance and execution of projects . Besides of course generating ideas that hopefully achieve business objectives!




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