Do Comment Backlinks Work in 2022?

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Do comment Backlinks Work in 2022?

In short, we can say “Yes” and “No”.
Irrespective of Google updates few things are evident.
Backlinks created can results in Traffic, passing Link Juice, and indexing anchor text
NoFollow and DoFollow Tags/ Natural and Unnatural   Link building both are separate discussions

I am 100% sure if someone gets 1000 comment backlinks through Fiverr or any other gig  is not going to help and might result in negative SEO

But if done correctly using basic logic and not doing spam can still impact your rankings.
It had happened in my past that I commented on Facebook/Reddit/Quora threads and I got work or attention or at times both from commenting on it

Those instances also helped me raise the traffic from certain locations too, which in long run helped me rank some of my pages in other countries too.

In my point of view, it’s always about creating signals for search engines AI to help contest more. If through any comment click if someone is reaching to your website and performing any action ( read spending time on your site is also an action, click on CTA is also an action), then understand what signals are created for google:

1) Website A is referring to Website B
2) Website A has linked to Certain Anchor Text  with Website B
3) Website A website Visitor location finds it valid to click the Anchor text  
4) Website B has relevant content to the visitor or not, if yes  test Website B  for similar visitors
5)The visitor’s information from Google is Device, Location, Demography, Interest, Behaviour, etc.

So we can say yes it’s a healthy signal for google if comments are genuine, relevant, and in sync with the context of the post.

But remember it’s an AI we are talking about,  for a human it can be tough but for AI it is easy to identify spamming. And spamming is bad.

And suppose you did it for your website or someone else did it to impact your website with the sole intention to get you bad traffic or negative SEO, just use Google Disavow Tool  and perform link detox

Please be also aware this google AI is also smart enough to know what links/URLs/activities to ignore and most of the time these shady practices won’t impact your web property.

However, if done correctly and as part of a broader plan, comments can certainly contribute to your SEO. Therefore, don’t discourage genuine comments, and if it’s relevant, there’s no harm in mentioning your website as well.

If done incorrectly too, just check your backlink profile every two weeks, if you are getting relevant traffic from this activity then it’s fine else use the link detoxification process to eliminate potential harm.

So here you go, Yes comment backlinks still work in 2022  and No please stay away from Fiverr or irrelevant commenting.

Happy commenting, do let me know what you think about it.

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